At Neusch Electrical our mission is to deliver quality services and products at competitive prices to the customer.

The electrical business has become a massive cut-throat business by small enterprises and one-man ‘handyman’s and by doing so the safety of the clients have become non-existent.

The current law states that the onus lies with the client to establish that his premises are electrically sound and installation are within the SABS wiring regulations criteria.

It is also the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she makes us of a qualified electrician that can supply a compliance certificate if any alterations are made to the installation.

We are proud to be one of these companies to be able to give such service with qualified electricians and with wireman’s licenses.


The company was established March 2010 by father and son, Paul and Otto Neusch. Paul passes away in 2009 but Otto continued with the business till end July 2018. One of Neusch electrical employees, Nic Smit, bought the company as a running concern from Otto from 1st of August 2018. Nic started at Neusch electrical March 2009, worked himself up and was managing the company the last 5 years already.

Nic qualified as an electrician in 2006 and has experience in construction, maintenance and  refridgeration

We have 4 maintenance teams and 2 construction teams. All with years of experience in each field of expertise. We are registered with the department of labour and licenced to inspect, test and issue electrical compliance certificates.



Neusch Electrical is well respected in the field of issuing Electrical Certificates of Compliance. We work alongside many of the Real Estate Agencies and or Conveyonce Attorneys who value our services. We also work directly with members of the public.

The issue of an Electrical Compliance Certificate is not specific to South Africa only. Most developed countries require that the seller provides proof that the property they are selling is safe and in a reasonable condition .

Besides the electrical compliance inspection we can also arrange for beetle inspections and certification.

  • Free quotations on all new work
  • No quotation can be given on faults. We will do fault finding with costs (time will be estimated beforehand) and then a quote can be given for the repairs.
  • All work WILL be done according to SABS wiring regulations.
  • Issue electrical certificates
  • Beetle certificates


As a new owner of a house what am I entitled to?

You are entitled to a safe electrical installation, which has been certified by a qualified Electrician who has issued a Certificate of Electrical compliance on the installation. You must retain the certificate for future reference.

I need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance!

Obtaining an Electrical Certificate of Compliance requires the following simple procedure:

  • We will inspect your electrical installation.
  • Any faults identified during the inspection will be given in a report and quotation for the repairs.
  • Once we have finished the repairs we will issue the Electrical Certificate of Compliance and send to conveyance attorneys or as requested by client.

I don’t think my new house is compliant!

Occasionally new owners are not satisfied with the Electrical Certificate of Compliance that they receive with their purchase.

Neusch Electrical can advise the new owners of the condition of their electrical installation after performing a re-inspection.

What are not covered by an electrical complaince certificate ?

- Appliances such as lights, geysers, stoves, airconditioning units etc (See note 3 on front page of the COC) are not covered by the Certificate of Compliance (CoC). The non-working of appliances does not necessarily mean that the CoC is invalid.

- The Certificate of Compliance covers from the point of control (main switch in Distribution board) to the point of consumption (socket outlets, terminals on lights, gyeesers, stoves etc.)

- The Certificate of Compliance certifies the fixed wiring of the permanent electrical installation including all light switches, wall mounted isolators, distribution boards and socket outlets.

I got a great deal on installing some plugs and lights in my house but the Electrician does not want to issue me with a certificate!

If the electrician is a “registered installation electrician” then he is legally obliged to issue you with a certificate on your request. If he is not registered then he is not qualified, nor legally entitled, to undertake any electrical installation work in South Africa. Call the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa if you are not sure of his status. Their number is Cape Town 021 462 2690

I have an existing certificate but I don’t know if it’s valid!

An existing Certificate of Electrical Compliance is proof of your electrical installations compliance with the South African National Standards. A new certificate must be issued whenever the electrical installation is altered or extended. A new certificate may, however, be necessary when the installation is sold depending upon the time that has lapsed since the previous issue and the point of sale. This is normally a maximum of 2 years. Consult your Real Estate Agent or Conveyancing Attorney for clarity on this.

I heard that I need a certificate even if I am not selling my house!

This is true. A valid certificate must be issued each and every time the installation is altered or added to. Your insurance will request a valid certificate in the case of a disaster occurring. Failure to supply one may lead to the disqualification of the claim.

I’ve only lived here about 6 months and I don’t know where the certificate I was issued with is! What do I do?

If you had retained your certificate then it may still be valid provided you have not tampered with the electrical installation in any way. We can inspect the premises and issue you with an updated certificate.

I have lived here for 3 years and have hardly done anything to the house. The electrician wants to charge me to upgrade things even though they still work!

Your installation will be inspected according to the rules in place at the time of its erection. However, if you have altered anything then your installation may have to conform to the latest set of rules and an upgrade may be necessary.

Our Rates

Callout / Labour Rates

All prices quoted excludes VAT.

During normal office hours Cost
Call-out(includes first hour's labour) R435.00
Thereafter/half hour or portion thereof R217.50
Transport cost – Fixed tariff R35.00
/km outside Stellenbosch R6.00
After hours Cost
Weekdays after 17h00 and Saturdays per hour R510.00
Sundays / Public holidays per hour R650.00
Electrical and Beetle inspection fees:

Electronic Inspection Only Cost
Per avg. residence R750.00
Per flat R450.00

Elec.+ Beetle inspection Cost
Per avg. residence R1200.00
Per flat R850.00

Beetle Inspection Only Cost
Per  avg.  residence R450.00
Per  flat R400.00

A Report will be sent of all faults found (if any) to the person/estate agent/ conveyance attorney that requested the inspection together with a quotation for the repairs. This quotation will exclude the cost of the inspections done and will still be payable irrespective if the quotation is accepted or not.

On completion of repairs, the invoices and certificates will be forwarded to the conveyance attorney and a copy sent to the estate agent.

If repairs are done by the owner or other party and we are still required to give a certificate, a re-inspection fee will be applicable.

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Postal Address: P.O. Box 12148, Die Boord, Stellenbosch, 7613


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We do have an electrician on standby for emergencies only over weekends and public holidays.

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